We believe wellness should be more simple and accessible, for everyone, every day.

We all lead busy lives, and when we’re stretched thin, we need wellness the most. High fives for the days you have time for your wellness routines and rituals. We’re here for the days you want a little extra help. Made with adaptogens, antioxidants and organic caffeine, our delicious sparkling waters help you meet the demands of modern life. Low in calories and sugar, they are a refreshing balance of tart and sweet.

We’re Ashley and Britt. We found wellness solutions often prioritized function over flavor and accessibility.  We developed heywell with a mission of making wellness more simple and accessible for everyone, every day.  For us that means making something good for us, that's also delicious and inclusive.  1% of sales are donated to non-profits advocating for inclusion.

Here’s to living heywell®.